Weekly Update – 5th April 2020

We have had a busy week at Random HQ and we have had a fantastic offer from Leavesden Green Community Hub. They have, generously offered us the use of the Hub in this emergency period. So we are happy to announce we are able to offer our mini market during the week for those who need it.

The address for the Hub is Leavesden Green Community Hub, Clarke Green, off Clarke Way, Watford WD25 0BW.

We will be open, initially on Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday from 10 am to 12 pm then 1 pm till 3 pm. Having this hour break will allow our volunteers to replenish the market and a well deserved lunch break.

The times of the market will be dependent on supply and demand. We have been contacted this week by food outlets with requests for extra collections. We are now able to do these extra collections which will give us extra food to distribute to the local community. We will put a selection of what is available that day on social media. All the produce will be split in half between the morning and afternoon sessions. This is to make it fair to all and to try and avoid large groups of people gathering.

If you know anyone who is unable to do food shopping, for any reason, and you are able to come along to pick up a food box, we will also have these available. They will be on an order only basis, as we need time to box each one up. Please email randomcafeuk@gmail.com for more details or to order a box.


It is very important that you check social media or our website before leaving to join us. We cannot predict the supply or demand of the food we collect, or the amount of volunteers we will have. We are ready to collect food everyday but this doesn’t mean the shops will have food to collect. The times of our market could change making it very important to check before you come.


We are open as a Mini Market ONLY.
We will NOT be serving lunch or drinks.

Please only come if you need food. 
Please only bring ONE bag with you. 
We are deliberately operating on a skeleton volunteer team

We are taking every precaution to keep ourselves safe.

We need you to do the same:

Please be kind and considerate to each other

Please practice rigorous hand hygiene

Please make sure you stay a safe distance away from each other

If you have any symptoms or feel unwell please stay at home

Please leave your children at home if you can.

If you have ANY doubts please stay at home.

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