A weekly update – 31st March

This week saw one of our largest collections. Our van was full to the roof with fruit and vegetables. There was over 420 kilograms of food packed in our little van. Huge thank you to Morrisons, Hatch End, Marks and Spencers, Watford and Aldi, Watford for the huge amount of food. Without your help this food would have gone to landfill.

Thank you to our volunteers who came out to help distribute the food and keep everyone safe, with hand gel and a two meter stick for distancing. We take the safety of our volunteers and customers very seriously and everyone who came along listened and kept to the guidelines set by The Government and Us. Thank you everyone who came.

We did have a brief visit from Watford Police asking “what good deed is going on here?”. We explained what we were doing and he said it was a great thing and he could see we were doing a good job keeping to the social distancing guidelines.

We still had a lot of fruit and vegetables left when we packed up so we put a shout on our Whatsapp group for where could really do with the food. Two place came up more than once, New Hope and Mencap. New Hope are stepping up their services in this time of crisis and offering 3 meals a day to the homeless people of Watford. We popped over to New Hope and they were very happy to receive fresh food to cook up for those that needed it. We still had lots left so Nici contacted Mencap who run residential care homes. They said they would love some. A lot charities are struggling to get enough food for those that are dependent on them. It was so great that we could help Mencap as this is a charity close to some of our volunteers hearts. When we went over to their Care Home in Rickmansworth, they were so grateful of the food we gave them. I think they might be having parsnip soup this week.

We will be out again this Saturday at 1 pm. Keep an eye on our social media channels for any updates or changes. All links can be found here https://randomcafewatford.com/social-media/

Thank you again to everyone who supports our little café, if you can think of any organisation who really needs fresh fruit and vegetables please email us at randomcafeuk@gmail.com

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