Random Café is a not for profit project. 

We are a local, non-profit café, educating consumers about how to be both sustainable and budget-conscious by saving food from landfill. If you are a business in the area, we also offer unique and rewarding experiences to collaborate with us.

In the UK 15 million tonnes of perfectly edible food ends up in landfill each year, some of it before even reaching supermarket shelves.

Our mission is simple – to feed bellies, not bins!!  We do this by working with local supermarkets, businesses, shops, food producers and farms – intercepting food that would otherwise be thrown away, reducing needless landfill and feeding hungry bellies with delicious food instead.

Random Cafe is something really different for our town.  It’s about inclusion, community and sustainability.  We are currently running a waste food shop and plant sales from plants grown in our community garden. We are going to have a purpose built café built later in the year and hop to run an outdoor café later this summer. 

At Random Café, all of our food is eaten on a pay-as-you-feel (PAYF) basis.  PAYF means customers can offer a financial donation to the project of what they feel a meal is worth, give whatever they can, or can recognise the value of a meal by donating their time, energy, skills and support.

Random Café’s aim is to reduce food waste, and its huge environmental impact.  Around 15 million tonnes of food is wasted each year in the UK alone, and the vast majority of that food is perfectly edible. When we waste food we also waste land, water, diesel used in farming, packaging, energy to refrigerate and so much more. The lowest carbon, most sustainable thing we can do with food that is going to go to waste is put it in a belly, any belly, rather than a bin, any bin (landfill, anaerobic digestion or compost).

We are a registered data controller with the Information Commissioner’s Office – number A9007786

Company Number 10894473

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