Meriden Gardens Update – January 2021

Lots of activity at the site already this year. The refurbishment of the garages is coming along nicely. Progress has been slowed down by the weather, and lock down restrictions, but we’ve still been doing what jobs we can to keep the momentum going and moving things forward.

We will soon have to say goodbye to Leavesden Green Hub, It has been our home since April. We are currently looking at end of February to move our shop into its temporary place at the site. The middle garage will be its new home. Neal has put in a lovely new ceiling, prepared the walls and started the painting.

In the garages we have started the painting the first 2 doors, six in total. Nici has given them their first coat of paint, undercoat. They won’t be white for long.

First bit of colour going on, Oxford blue.

There has been lots going in the garden area with our polytunnels. Two of them have been given a complete makeover and are looking great.

The Poly Greenhouse has been the starting point to growing our own vegetables, herbs and flowers. We have a few failures and lots of successes.

In the raised beds the garlic is coming along really well with over 30 shoots.

We are really pleased with the progress we have made, especially with the restrictions to numbers and the wet, cold weather.

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