Random Café’s New Home

After just over three years and five temporary locations across Watford, we are delighted to announce that Random Café now has a permanent home at the Meriden Gardens in Watford. Walking distance from the Meriden Community Centre, the Meriden Gardens is a 100sq metre site that will allow us to have a full time premises in the heart of the Meriden community.

We are delighted to have a full time property and would like to express our thanks to Watford Community Housing Trust for agreeing to our proposals. With four polytunnels, including one heated one, as well as numerous raised beds, we believe the site will become a community and sustainability hub for Watford.

Our mini market will remain at the Leavesden Green Community Hub until we are able to move it to our new home. However, we will no longer be open on a Saturday afternoon to allow our volunteers who work during the week to come to our new home, and help the team there.

Please keep following our social media channels to be the first to see the latest developments at the Meriden Gardens.

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