We have now saved over 40 tonnes of food from going to land fill. This figure has shot up in the lock down period, as we have been able to open more times in the week. Also our little van has been out collecting 7 days a week. When we first started, nearly 3 years ago we collected our main supply of food from Morrisons, on a Friday, with a few collections from the smaller Watford Tesco. We have added to this over the years and also have M&S, Lidl, Co-op and Aldi as regular collections, some of them 3 times a week.

There have been some one off collections too. We often get a call when a company has an over stock of goods. Anyone remember the houmous!! A local company had 177, 500 gm tubs of beetroot houmous. Social media, Whatsapp groups and neighbours were called upon to help distribute the tubs. We did it!!

We had lots and lots of these!

Recently we received a call from a company in Luton who distribute Mexican Food. They had a large quantity of tortilla wraps, in 4 flavours and they had a short best before date.

And quite a few of these too!

Our electric van has limited range so we couldn’t risk running out of battery on the M1 so we took my car instead and managed to fit 42 boxes (2016 tortilla wraps) in it. As we couldn’t take all the wraps they had we then contacted our friends at Best Before Café in Letchworth. They are a fellow waste food café, and they were able to take lots of the wraps and distribute them to their customers.

In the time we have been running, we have made links with many groups and businesses, and during the lock down period we have formed more new friendships with organisations in the Watford area. While we love making connections with other organisations one of the most important connections we make is with you because without you we would be throwing away food that could be made into yummy meals.

With more of you visiting us and rescuing delicious food from going to landfill we can make sure we really do FEED BELLIES NOT BINS.

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