Welcome to our invite only event page.

Random Cafe is a not for profit organisation which rescues perfectly edible food from going to landfill and uses it to create hot meals, cakes and snacks which are all available on a ‘pay as you feel’  basis at our cafes and events.

Saving food from landfill reduces the production of harmful greenhouse gases. Food waste is one of the major contributors to climate change. One third of all food produced in the UK goes to waste (according to the U.N. Food Agency).

Random Cafe exists to reduce Watford’s carbon footprint by reducing food waste.

We are looking to build relationships with local businesses, raise awareness of food waste and raise funds for a permanent premises for the cafe. Long term, we aim to create Watford’s first waste awareness hub, from where we can offer education, meeting spaces and resources to help Watford become a more sustainable town. We would love you to be a part of this.

Coming to Random Cafe is a fun, social and community minded way of helping to reduce Watford’s carbon footprint. Customers feel they are doing something positive for the planet while eating scrummy food!

If you are unable to attend the event but would like to support us, you can do this in several ways. Come along to one of our cafés, enjoy a hot meal, a cup of tea and some delicious cakes all available on a pay as you feel basis. Volunteer at the café helping our customers enjoy our friendly, community café or donate using the link below helping us get a step closer to our goal of a full time café reducing Watford’s carbon footprint by reducing food waste even more.

A donation of £40 could cover the cost of raising awareness of Random Cafe for a month. We promote the cafe online and at local community events. Every single person who visits the cafe helps us save food from landfill.

A donation of £180 could cover our entire costs for a week, helping us to transport intercepted food to the café, get customers along to our venue, serve them a delicious meal and even do the washing up after!

A donation of £204 could cover our venue hire costs for a month. Without a venue, our weekly cafe and mini-market just can’t happen!

A donation of £1500 could cover our transport costs for six months, helping us save another estimated six and a half tonnes of food from landfill.