Random Café’s New Home

After just over three years and five temporary locations across Watford, we are delighted to announce that Random CafĂ© now has a permanent home at the Meriden Gardens in Watford. Walking distance from the Meriden Community Centre, the Meriden Gardens is a 100sq metre site that will allow us to have a full time premisesContinue reading “Random Café’s New Home”

Happy Birthday Random CafĂ©

For those who didn’t know, the 1st August 2020 was Random CafĂ©’s 3rd birthday, and despite not being able to celebrate properly, due to the social distancing restrictions, we had a celebration this year with cup cakes provided by Linda and the amazing team at The Kitchen in Croxley Green. Since launching in 2017, weContinue reading “Happy Birthday Random CafĂ©”